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My goal is making high-level exclusive outfits for gymnast. I have set myself is to make the leotards for the rhythmic gymnastics at a certain level, that is, with original designs and exclusive. The leotards are made only to measure; not to adopt standard sizes which then lead to unsightly blemishes as the effect sail under the arms. The leotard will be delivered complete with the Swarovski stones and all the trimmings such as glitter shades to airbrush etc. .. in accordance with prior arrangement with the customer. If required I can deliver the only basis, without all the trimmings. The drawings are made available in the website are the starting point for creating models developed by the athletes in person or by instructors. Hammer also your ideas, perhaps suggesting some modifications result of my experience. If required to make copies of other athletes leotards "famous". For more information on how to realize the selection of fabrics, techniques and delivery times to invite you to write to  or contact us at +39.3474348826
We never reproduce a leotard twice outside the customer's country.
The photos of the leotards on our web site are there as both a visual gallery of our previous achievements and an inspiration for the following ones. Your orders shall be submitted by e-mail to or filling in the Order page properly. It is vital to give us your exact size. Please, read the How To Measure pages


Both your design and its estimate are for free. We usually send my customer several illustrations and their different solutions/prices. We calculate quotations well within the customer's budget limits, simplifying the leotard yet keeping the best result in mind.

We are going to explain our procedure right here:

1) A leotard pattern is scaled down on paper.
2) Airbrush touches, hand-painting and glitter will add more value to it.
3) Swarovski stones:
Often mothers think they can save money on this item by applying their own stones. A manual application often involves some adverse effects related to incorrect fixing procedures. A professional fixing requires a temperature of about 160/170 degrees and a pressure of one atmosphere and half.
The negative effect is by definition the posting of Swarovski crystals during the performances due to the frequent rolls to the ground. Personally I run the application of swarovski using a special ultrasound machine that allows the proper dissolution of the glue of Swarovski stones hot fix.
In our estimates, I suggest applying a certain amount of swarovski stones in order to obtain a good result, but customers will decide the final amount based on their personal spending budget.


SS 10 crystal………………………………... 7 EURO / 100 pieces
SS 10 coloured………………………………8 EURO / 100 pieces
SS 16 crystal…………………………………9 EURO / 100 pieces
SS 16 coloured……………………………..10 EURO / 100 pieces
SS 16 crystal AB……………………………11 EURO / 100 pieces



Delivery times may be very long due to the high demand, so I suggest to my customers to book well in advance.
I'll tell you which month and week of the year, your dress will be made.


In order to confirm your reservation date, you must pay a deposit, for which you will be given a period of 10-15 days.
Usually I request a 30% of total amount.

As for payment method we accept:     and Wire Transfer.


We ship by UPS courier. Our customers shall pay it.
The delivery-time can be from 3 to 5 working days.


When your leotard is ready, you shall pay the due balance by bank transfer, credit card or PAY PAL.
We shall ship it as soon as we get your balance.


Cancel the order after confirmation will loss of deposit as damages.


Our leotards are manufactured one by one with care and finest quality. If an item is unfortunately found to be defective, it will be either repaired or replaced for free within 30 days from its date of purchase.
Our guarantee cover manufacturing defects only. No misused item will be changed. Leotards have not been used in competitions, contest or exhibitions.

1 The responsibility for the measures corresponds to the client, as well as arrangements arising from a bad measures annotation.
2 Remember that our products are customized, so according to the law, are not returnable.


It is 1 year if the leotard is a custom creation.


Pay attention to the following instructions in order to keep your leotard at its best as long as possible. Remember paillettes, glitter, airbrush-colouring and swarovski-stones fixing are fragile.

1 Hand-wash only, carefully rubbing mild detergent and warm water on the g-string and armpits' part.
2 Do not let it wet for a long time
3 Do not wring it out
4 Wrap it in a towel
5 Centrifuge it for about 10-15 seconds
6 Warning: Do not iron it. Hang it on a coat rack and let it dry
7 Avoid direct sunlight.

Charge for designs? – No not me!

I am asked this question quite often and we’ve heard that many companies in our line of business do charge for custom designs, well I don’t charge and there is a very good reason. 99.9% of people we do designs for proceed with their orders. Without the design you can’t order, so our belief is that creating a design especially for you is part of my service and as I design to your budget, if you love the design and the price is within your budget then my design time is well spent. I deal with terrific people and they understand that great designs take time and cost money to produce, but I investment in your design is part of our pleasure of doing business and I know when you love our designs, you’ll tell someone else about them and that is worth more to me than anything else.